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AM Adoption Analysis In Aerospace Engineering, Tooling, & EV Market With Arpit Sahu

Engineering related adoption of 3D Printing has mostly seen fruition in the Manufacturing sector. That being said, the path to adopt 3D Printing in the manufacturing process does not mean simply replacing traditional manufacturing with 3D printing. The key is to intelligently adopt it by bringing in various factors including part selection, redesign or design for additive manufacturing or DfAM as we would call it, material selection and the list goes on. The idea is to innovate to achieve the best possible version of the existing part and its functionality. For example achieving 85% weight reduction by simply redesigning the heat exchanger for water-oil and then 3D Printing it. DO check it out on Aidro Hydraulics website. Another case would be Objectify Technologies achieving optimisation on multiple fronts by 3D Printing two brackets for aerospace applications for ISRO. They also happen to be our guest on this episode.

In this episode Objectify Technologies Co-Founder & CEO Arpit Sahu, analyses the industry readiness of Tooling, Aerospace & Electric Vehicle Industries to adopt 3D Printing and their performance so far.

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About Arpit Sahu

Arpit Sahu is the Co-Founder & CEO of Objectify Technologies. He pursued his Master of Science (5 year Integrated), 2013 in PHYSICS from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. He founded Objectify Technologies right after graduating from college in 2013, at SIIC Incubation Centre at IIT Kanpur itself. He currently has around 7 years of experience in 3D printing / AM sector, during which Objectify Technologies has grown leaps and bound from an experimental desktop 3D printing start up to an established name in AM industry in India.

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