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Masterclass In Design For Additive Manufacturing

This Masterclass provides an overview on the various aspects and principles of Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM). The course is designed from hands-on industry expertise and experience by the faculty.


  • 120 min Live interactive session with Industry Expert
  • Case Studies
  • Review Test
  • Certificate of Completion

February 17, 2021
11 am - 1 pm

₹ 1800/-
+ 18% GST

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  • Overview of additive manufacturing and its benefits including industry applications.
  • Clarity in difference between Design for Manufacturing (DfM) and Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM).
  • Deep insight into DfAM approach from system design point of view and component design point of view to AM process point of view.


  • AM Service Providers to provide innovative solutions
  • Product Design Practitioners who want to leverage AM
  • System Designers interested in creating differentiating solutions
  • Students & faculty wanting to pursue a future career in additive manufacturing
  • Part/Process/Design Owners
  • Engineers
Design for Additive Manufacturing by Vaman Kulkarni


Vaman Kulkarni

Vaman Kulkarni

Freelance Consultant
Ex. Director, Honeywell Technology Solutions.


  1. AM Overview – Benefits & Application
  2. DFM vs DfAM
  3. Why DfAM
  4. DfAM Approach
    1. System Design.
      • Chose Component
      • Define Design Problem
      • Define Material, Load case, etc.
    2. Part design
      • Initial (Conceptual) design
      • Interpretation of Initial Design
      • Verification of Design
    3. Process Design
      • Support Structure
      • AM Build Preparation
      • Build Validation – Cost & Time
      • AM Simulation
    4. Manufacturing & Post Processing
  5. AM Challenges
  6. DfAM Case Studies