January 21, 2023

Rich Knowledgebase for 3D Printing Industry

3D-printed radio antennas. Credit: University of Sheffield

3D-printed antennas developed by EEE researchers could bring 5G and 6G to remote communities

3D-printed radio antennas that could help bring stronger mobile phone signals and faster internet connections to people living in remote...

Dennis Fehr, Seasoned Financial Executive Joins 6K as Chief Financial Officer and Rob Davies, Manufacturing Expert, Joins 6K Energy as Chief Operating Officer

6K, a leader in the sustainable production of engineered materials for lithium-ion batteries and additive manufacturing, today announced Dennis Fehr as chief...

Stellar® metal powders, the new Aubert & Duval brand for additive manufacturing

Stellar® metal powders, the new Aubert & Duval brand for additive manufacturing. After 10 years of continuous development, Aubert &...
“I think Sodick technology is brilliant and the reliability of the machines warrants some loyalty in my opinion,” says Production Manager Jamie Campbell.
(Source: Mark Ferguson)

CA Models optimises base plate removal with new wire EDM

CA Models, a specialist in high-quality, fast-turnaround metal and plastic additive manufacturing, is using new investment in two wire-erosion machines...
3. Grommets Printed with Smooth-Mode Tech

Chromatic 3D Materials qualifies for airworthiness

Passing 14 CFR vertical burn tests and demonstrating compliance with anti-flammability aviation standards Chromatic 3D Materials, a 3D printing materials...